Workshops:  Project Safe, Beachcomber's Booty, Leaf Luster
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Teacher:  Sue Chadwick
Date:  Saturday, February 23
Location:  Colts Neck Library
Time:  10-4
Registration Fee:  $3
Registration Deadline:  January 15

The purpose of a project safe is to keep your needlepoint piece safe from damage while traveling.  It is designed so that the stitched threads are in a shallow well so that nothing is rubbing against the stitches.   An added benefit is that you can often place your directions and/or the thread kit in the well on the wrong side of the piece keeping everything together.

· Foam board—white is best (amount needed is determined by the      size of  your stretcher bars – you will need more than 2x the size of the bars (enough  for a front, back and sides); more information about how much foam board you will need will be provided soon
· Duck (duct) tape
· White glue such as Elmer’s or Aileene’s Tacky Glue
· Sharp cutter for cutting foam board such as a box cutter
· Ruler
· Scissors or duck tape cutter—the scissors get sticky a few alcohol wipes will help

GROUP SUPPLIES—these are items that the group will need
· Rotary cutting board
· Velcro, self stick, about 6”/person, supplied along with directions

Additional expense – Sue has graciously agreed to purchase the Velcro that  we will each need.  She will determine the price per inch and we will reimburse her for that expense. 

Leaf Luster and/or Beachcomber’s Booty
Leaf Luster – Saturday, May 18
Beachcomber’s Booty – Sunday, May 19
Teacher:  Ann Strite Kurz
Location:  Needleworker's Delight, Metuchen, NJ
Cost:  $125 per day or special combo price - $200 for both days (complete kit and full lunch included in class fee.)

MCEGA priority registration has closed. 
Registration opened to the general public on January 1.

Join us at Needleworkers’ Delight in nearby Metuchen, NJ for one or both of these lovely designs taught by Ann Strite Kurz.  We have teamed up with Needleworkers’ Delight to bring you a national teacher in the comfort of their newly designed large stitching location.  A full lunch will be provided. In addition, since both of these pieces are based in blackwork, Janice Meyers has graciously agreed to teach a blackwork piece in April so we will all be prepared.   We will also have a Saturday stitch in prior to the class to do any prework required .  
Beachcomber's Booty
Technique:  Mixed Media Canvas
Level:  Intermediate and Beyond Canvas
Class Length:  One-Day
Kit Price:  $44.00 plus shipping
Ground:  18-count Zweigart eggshell canvas
Finished Size:  5 1/2" X 5 1/2" Square
Color Choices:  Choice of three different blue-green Soy Luster shades for the background pattern - Bayou Shadows, Hummingbird Wings or Indian Jewelry.
Course Description: Sand dollars are commonly found on the beaches in the mid-Atlantic region and along the Gulf Coast and the legend associated with it in many Christian circles have made it one of the most popular seashells. The usual round shape of this symmetrical shell is established on the canvas with a charted outline that is executed in back stitches after the sinking holes for these stitches are poked on to the canvas with a large needle or laying tool. These back stitches are whipped later to assure smooth curves and eliminate the visibility of the dimpled holes. An open blackwork pattern is used to suggest the texture of the tiny spines that would have covered the shell in its living state. A denser allover pattern fills the five “petals” in the center of the disk and these radiate around a tiny whipped spider. These petals are defined with similar poked hole patterns and then outlined with softer modified Jessica stitches. The filling here is an unusual one that I made up after the small scale open couching pattern I thought would work proved ineffective. By adding pairs of mirrored Tent on the upper and lower sides of the staggered Brick couching stitches in a finer weight pearl cotton, I ended up with small circle repeats that formed an ideal allover pattern. It appears somewhat like a miniature Rococo stitch and I think it will be very useful in future designs as well.
BACKGROUND. Four-way clusters of Reverse Mosaic units form the main network for this background pattern. Two accents are added to complete the composite pattern. Sand-colored frosted beads are attached with Brick stitches to fill the small diamond areas and Smryna Crosses are added to the exposed squares in copper metallic.
EDGING. Instead of a border a simple blackwork edging surrounds the background, using white pearl cotton to suggest the sea foam on the waves as the water rolls on to the beach.
TEACHER PROVIDES. All materials needed to complete the design plus a detailed instruction booklet with a color cover.
MATERIALS PROVIDED BY STUDENTS. 10" X 10" stretcher frame, embroidery scissors, laying tool, clamp or frame weight to secure the stretcher frame to the working table, plus any other normal accessories needed to work on an 18-count ground (light, magnifier, etc.).

Leaf Luster
Technique:   Canvas with emphasis on blackwork shading
Level:  Intermediate and beyond canvas
Class Length:  One day
Kit Price:  $50.00
Ground:  24-mesh Zweigart white Congress Cloth
Finished Size:  6 3/8" square - frame size 12"
Course Description:  This class offers an opportunity to learn a method of stylized shading for blackwork using layered patterns with canvas accents.  The two sides of the autumn leaf are stitched in variations of the same blackwork pattern and the entire leaf is outlined with Stem.  A beaded blackwork pattern surrounds the leaf and a sassy lady bug adds the finishing touch!
Students provide: 12" X 12" stretcher frame.