Workshops - Candy Dish and Project Safe


Date:  Second session:  September 22
Time: 10 am – 4 pm
Location:  Colts Neck Library
Project:  Candy Dish
Designer:  Carol Storie, Heartfelt Designs
Teachers:  Janice Meyers and Ellen Saines
Registration Fee:  $10 to cover cost of instructions
Registration Deadline:  April 15

On September 22, 2018 those members participating in the Candy Dish Workshop will meet at the Colts Neck Library at 10 am. 

The students should bring the following to class:

.  their stitched candy dish canvas removed from the stretcher bars
.  1/4 yard cotton fabric for backing
.  fabric scissors
.  wonder clips and/or pins
.  6" ruler
.  perle cotton #5 that was used in stitching the design
.  sewing thread or floss to match the fabric
.  size 22 tapestry needle
.  size 22 or 24 chenille needle or a sewing needle
.  usual stitching supplies including light and magnification if needed
.  optional:  iron-on interfacing if you want to secure the back of your canvas

Students should also bring their lunch.

Coming in February, 2019
Teacher:  Sue Chadwick
Registration Fee:  $3

The purpose of a project safe is to keep your needlepoint piece safe from damage while traveling.  It is designed so that the stitched threads are in a shallow well so that nothing is rubbing against the stitches.   An added benefit is that you can often place your directions and/or the thread kit in the well on the wrong side of the piece keeping everything together.

· Foam board—white is best (amount needed is determined by the      size of  your stretcher bars – you will need more than 2x the size of the bars (enough  for a front, back and sides); more information about how much foam board you will need will be provided soon
· Duck (duct) tape
· White glue such as Elmer’s or Aileene’s Tacky Glue
· Sharp cutter for cutting foam board such as a box cutter
· Ruler
· Scissors or duck tape cutter—the scissors get sticky a few alcohol wipes will help

GROUP SUPPLIES—these are items that the group will need
· Rotary cutting board
· Velcro, self stick, about 6”/person, supplied along with directions

Additional expense – Sue has graciously agreed to purchase the Velcro that  we will each need.  She will determine the price per inch and we will reimburse her for that expense.