Evening Meetings

Meetings begin at 7 pm

Meetings are held either virtually or in person so please be sure to check the schedule below

Ongoing Projects

Our  members are taking part in the San Francisco School of Needlework & Design Project to create the  World's longest Band Sampler. Members are creating & stitching a sampler that represents themselves. Some of our members have already submitted their sampler and others are busy stitching their sample

January 9 Zoom Meeting 7:00PM
Heart Embroidery Stitch Sampler
Heart Embroidery Stitch Sampler by Rachel PDF Pattern will be available for those who sign up.
This project will be led by Marilyn Prado at our January zoom meeting. Learn the basics of 
embroidery with this beginner-friendly Heart Sampler. The pattern and directions include 
step-by-step photos and instruction for seven embroidery stitches. Student to supply fabric and hoop, embroidery floss (7 different colors) and the usual stitching supplies.  Good way to use your stash! Fabric can be Aida cloth 14 or 16 count, linen or similar fabric. (Size of fabric 12”x 12” use 10-inch hoop, or 10” X 10” use an 8-inch hoop.)
PDF includes:

• Introduction to Embroidery Samplers, Material list, Pattern

• Instruction for preparing your embroidery hoop

• Step-by-step instructions for seven embroidery stitches

• Instruction for finishing & framing 
Registration deadline was November 14, 2022.  All members are welcome to join us on zoom.
However, instructions and pattern are made available only to those who are registered.

February 6 Zoom Meeting 7:00PM
Embellishment for the January Heart Embroidery Sampler

Continuation of the Heart Sampler piece will be held and taught by Marilyn Prado. Students need
to have a variety of beads and a bead mat if they have one to hold the beads. Help will be available
if there are questions on completing the sampler. Discussion on possible finishing ideas.

March 6 Zoom Meeting 7:00PM
Sit and Stitch on zoom.
Those working on Halloween House will continue with stitching and discussion.

C:\Users\MargaretA\Downloads\unnamed (4).jpg

April 3
Chicken Scratch Primer
Revive a simple technique of embroidery on gingham. Also known as chicken scratch. This
technique can be modified for any occasion or design. We will learn a few stitches to complete
a small project. To participate please bring:

• Gingham fabric 11x18 inches (design size will vary based on the check size you choose)
• Embroidery floss 1 white skein and 1 skein to match or contrast with your gingham fabric
• Embroidery hoop
• Usual stitching supplies

May 1
Tea Ball Ornaments
Have some fun stitching on an unusual item. A 2.75-inch metal tea ball will be our back-
ground “fabric”. Follow the pattern you have purchased or design your own. This unique
ornament can be used for any occasion. Think outside the box when designing. This may
become a conversation piece should you hang it in a window or in your kitchen.
Please bring:
• Tea Ball 2.75 inch (Winco STB-7 Tea Infuser Ball 2 3⁄4 can be found online)
• Heartstring Samplery Tea Ball Ornaments pattern. Original design by Beth Twist.
**Purchase the pattern only if you choose to use one of these designs. Or design your own.
DMC floss of your choosing
Usual stitching supplies

June 5
Minerva Design Beaded Pendant or Earrings
Designer: Deb Roberti
Eileen Kemp will teach us the techniques used to make either a pendant or earrings. You will need to be sure you have the necessary supplies for the item/s you would like to make.

Materials Needed:
• About 4’ of 6 lb. FireLine
• About 100 size 11/0 Miyuki rocaille seed beads
• 4 Size 4mm round beads
• 12 two-hole Czech Paisley Duo Beads
• 2 two-hole Czech Ginko beads
• 2 small 3-4mm closed jump rings or two
• Cymbal “Kleftiko” findings
• A pair of earring findings
• About 2’ of 6 lb. FireLine
• About 50 size 11/0 Miyuki rocaille seed beads
• 2 Size 4mm round beads
• 6 two-hole Czech Paisley Duo Beads
• 1 two-hole Czech Ginko bead
• 1 small 4-5mm closed jump ring
• A chain, silk, satin or leather cord with clasp
Registration deadline: May 1
Cost: $4.00