Evening Meetings

When we are able to meet in person,

Come and stitch from 6:00 to 7pm.  At 7pm, the meeting will begin.

(Due to Covid-19 all of our meetings are currently done via Zoom. )

Ongoing Projects

Our  members are taking part in the San Francisco School of Needlework & Design Project to create the  World's longest Band Sampler. Members are creating & stitching a sampler that represents themselves. Some of our members have already submitted their sampler and others are busy stitching their sampler

March 15, 2021
7:00PM Zoom meeting for those previously registered for Patches

April 5, 2021

Meeting and Show and Tell

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May 3, 2021

BYON (Bring Your Own Notebook) Discussion on Finishing

Show us your favorite finish work.  What items have you stitched that you love the finish work you or someone else did?  Do you have any unique ideas for finishing?  Frames, stand ups, pillows, table runners, coasters, lamp shades, boxes, clothing, needlework tools and cases, any ideas you love we would like to see.  What type of finishing would you like to try? Let's talk about it.  

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June 7, 2021

Be prepared to talk about techniques you would like to try - project ideas you are interested in.  Be specific.  Take some time to look online for new ideas.   Let's make a list

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July 5, 2021

Summertime Stitch In

August 2, 2021

Summertime Stitch In

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