Day Meetings


Due to Covid-19, all meetings are currently being held via Zoom.

Ongoing Projects

Our  members are taking part in the San Francisco School of Needlework & Design Project to create the  World's longest Band Sampler. Members are creating & stitching a sampler that represents themselves. Some of our members have already submitted their sampler and others are busy stitching their sampler.

Margaret Bendig's Seasonal Kimonos

Margaret Bendig designed a series of kimonos that are named for the seasons, however any one of them can be executed in different colorways. For example, the winter canvas is called Winter White. The pattern could easily be stitched in blues instead if you like the pattern, but want something more colorful.  And you don’t need to keep the shape of the kimono as these designs can easily be reshaped into a rectangle.

Stitches employed throughout the designs are tent, bargello, scotch, byzantine, ray, slanted Gobelin, burden, rice, open trellis, etc. Margaret’s directions for each stitch are very good.  The charts contained for each design are detailed and comprehensive. Cathryn will provide additional supplementary notes and assistance providing her insight and suggestions to help the stitchers.

Note that, since these charts were first published in 2004, some threads are not available today. Cathryn adapted for her own choices.  Margaret’s original colors are listed as well as Cathryn’s.  So, whether threads are not available, or you don’t like the colors used in a particular kimono, Margaret’s thread list is at least a guidance for you.

NI = Needlepoint Ink Silk

AVAS = Au Ver a Soie Silk


18-count White Canvas – 10” X 10”

2 skeins #992 Needlepoint ink silk (The outlining is done with the Needlepoint Inc silk #992)

1 skein Thread gatherer’s Silk- Old Lace #111 (Cathryn used Dinky Dyes #12 - needed 2 skeins)

1 skein Gloriana Silk Ecru #4 (Cathryn forgot to get this – so used the Dinky Dyes in its place-hence needing 2 skeins of that)

1 spool Kreinik 4 - #102

1 spool Kreinik 1/16 ribbon #102

1 spool Kreinik 8 - #102



18-count White or white shot with silver Canvas – 10” X 10”


Margaret’s Colors

1 skein NI silk #482 or AVAS #133 or Splendor S952

2 skeins NI silk #483 or AVAS #134 or Splendor S1043

1 skein NI silk #485 or AVAS #134 or Splendor S1044

1 spool Kreinik 8 or 12 braid #101

1 spool Kreinik 1/16 ribbon #101

Optional 2 more skeins of NI #485 for twisted edge and cord if finishing as a hanger.


Cathryn’s colors (she changed the colorway completely as she wanted more of a teal look.)

1 skein NI #493

2 skeins NI #494

2 skeins NI 495 (Cathryn needed 2 skeins as she used 6-8 plies in different areas where there was a choice)


Cathryn barely used the #8 or 12 braid as it was the “accent” in the “wings”. So, you might want to check your stash or share.



18-count Canvas recommended was French Blue or Pewter – 10” X 10”. Cathryn used white to have them all consistent.


1 skein NI #613 (Outline is done in NI 613)

1 skein Thread gatherers’ #059 - Gilded Lavender (Cathryn used Gloriana Victorian Garden #142)

1 skein AVAS 4632 soft pink

1 skein AVAS 5113 light lavender

1 skein AVAS 5114 dark lavender

1 spool Kreinik 12 # 023

1 spool Kreinik 1/16 ribbon #023




18-count Canvas – color not indicated (your choice of color, 10” X 10”)


1 skein NI #633

2 skeins NI #634- couldn’t get or didn’t like it - Cathryn used Soie Cristale 2032

2 skeins NI # 635

1 skein Silk and Colors -#983- Autumn Bouquet. (Cathryn saw one that someone purchased recently, and it was drastically different - there was a lot of blue in it). So, you might want to focus on an autumn-oriented overdye.

1 spool Kreinik 1/16 ribbon # 221

1 spool Kreinik 12 braid # 221












April 15:  Margaret Bendig’s Seasonal Kimonos to be led by Cathryn Curia

Cathryn will discuss the stitching on the Summer Kimono.


May 20:  Margaret Bendig’s Seasonal Kimonos to be led by Cathryn Curia

Cathryn will discuss the stitching on the Autumn Kimono.


June 17:  Margaret Bendig’s Seasonal Kimonos to be led by Cathryn Curia

Cathryn will discuss the stitching on the Winter Kimono.

July 15 and August 19: Summer Stitch Ins

September 16: to be determined

October 21, November 18 and January 20:  Carnival, designed and taught by Toni Gerdes


Carnival is a bright piece that makes you feel it’s a hot summer day and you are at the carnival. 

In this intermediate level counted canvas class, you will learn several stitches beginning with

the Jean Hilton “Kitty’s Double Fan Doubled” stitch, along with a Triangular Ray Eyelet, a Laid

Filling stitch, and a bit of Florentine.  After executing the stitches in one direction, your 18-ct.

canvas is rotated 90˚’s to repeat the stitches on a smaller scale.  An interesting effect occurs

when you view the same stitches at a different angle.  Design size: 10” x 6 1/2".


Registration ends:  August 19, 2021


Class dates:  October 21, November 18, December 16, 2021 and January 20, 2022.  All lessons

will be provided via email.  Toni will provide Zoom classes that will be scheduled as needed. 

Teaching fee plus Full kit fee with shipping:  $180 (includes line-drawn, taped canvas;

instructions; color photo; threads & needles)


Teaching fee plus Partial Kit fee with shipping:  $100 (includes line-drawn, taped canvas;

instructions & color photo).  Student has a choice of canvas color which must be included

with your registration:  white, eggshell or sandstone.If selecting your own threads, Toni recommends selecting your Watercolours first then

selecting threads that complement your Watercolours using both the picture and kit contents

list as your guide. 


The Chapter is subsidizing a portion of the teaching fees for MCEGA members only. 


Kit Contents:

18ct. Butter (yellow) Mono Canvas 15” x 11”, Line Drawn & Taped Edges Needles & Case


Rainbow Gallery Threads: Flair F524 Pink - 1 card

Neon Rays: N15 Pink - 1 card

Caron Watercolors: 145 Carnival - 2 skeins

The Thread Gatherer’s Silk ‘n Colors: 041 Coral Shells - 2 skeins; 011 Butternut Orange - 1 skein

Kreinik Threads: #8 Braid: 091 Yellow - 2 spools, 014HL Blue - 2 spools, 024 Pink - 1 spool,

015 Green - 1 spool; 1/16” ribbon 091 Yellow - 1 spool

ThreadworX Overdyed Kreinik #8 Braid: 2931 Multi-colored - 1 skein

DMC Floss: 3810 Blue - 1 skein, 3348 Green - 1 skein

DMC #5 Pearl: 352 Peach - 2 skeins


Student Instructions Color Photo

Plastic Bag


Students will Need: Stretcher Bars, 15” x 11” with tacks or staples; lighting & magnification as

desired; floor or table stand or frame weight to stabilized your piece while working; usual

stitching supplies, including scissors for silks and for metallics; laying tool; mini-flat iron

(optional); Floss Away Bags (optional)