Sunday Meetings

We welcome all members to join us and meet the Sunday group.

Sunday at Maplewood

All winter meeting will be via Zoom. Please contact Sharon Rosen if you would like to
attend.  She will email an invitation.

December 10..Holiday pot luck party and grab bag. Participants to bring a wrapped 
sewing  needlework tool., so close!

Jan, Feb and Mar will be Zoom only meeting to avoid any weather issues

Jan 14 Biscornu or Pin cushion. Search you stash or incomplete item you would 
like to finish stitching.

Feb 11 Finish Bicornu or Pin cushion.

March 10 Working towards another Finish.
Do you have a St Patrick's piece or early spring piece to complete? Think shamrock,
daffodils , rainbows, etc. 

April 14 Potluck lunch Finishing project from March. Time to put another project in 
the finished column!

May 19 Ribbon Flowers. We will be doing a small ribbon embroidery project. You can 
choose from you stash, or I have directions for up to 12 people for a project. This is on 
the 3rd Sunday to avoid Mothers day.

June 9 Ice Cream Social and Show and tell.
A great opportunity to show off our finishes for the year.

Please remember that if you want to attend via Zoom,  please email me so I can send 
an invitation and watch for you to sign on.